Is smoking allowed? What about pets?
No smokers allowed. Not just no smoking, we actually don't even want smokers. It makes everything smell and many of our guests specifically don't want any smoke smell because of allegeries etc. Hope you can understand. Same thing with pets, no pets allowed. They make everything stink and all of our uniforms get trashed with your pet's hair. No way Jose.

Is there a contract we have to sign?
There is a simple contract and set of rules for you to sign before you move in (click here to view). Please turn this in with your first month's rent and deposit, AND please fax or email in a copy of some sort of photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.), AND a copy of a company ID. You can email Cheri at or fax her at (928) 244-5552. This must be done before a guest can move in. As soon as you send in your lease agreement and security deposit, the door code will be sent to you.

How many people per room? Do we each have our own bed?
There are 4 beds per room, but as it goes with crash pads, it is very unlikely that more than a few people will be at the crash pad at one given time. You are renting your own private bed, so no one will be sleeping it in when you're gone. Sweet dreams.

Where is The Longo Condo located? How do we get to ATL from the crash pad?
Here is a map of the approximate area of where we're located. Call for the exact address.
You are welcome to bring your car to The Longo Condo, this is probably the easiest way to get from the crash pad to your training center or the terminal (about 2 miles/5 minute drive from ATL).

There is also MARTA public transportation (see full diagram with directions and schedule). The neigborhood is a good neighborhood. This is one of the foremost reasons why we're here!

What do we need to bring to The Longo Condo?:
Bedding All of the beds are EXTRA LONG TWINS (we specifically bought these so some of you taller people would have more leg room. We provide the beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, and comforters. If you are particular and would like to bring your own sheets and pillows, you are welcome.

Linens All of the bathrooms have shower/tub combos. We provide lite items such as handsoap, you bring the rest. There pad also has bath towels for your use; however, you may also bring your own if you prefer.

Laundry We have a laundry room equipped with washer and dryer, ironing board, and an iron. You are welcome to bring your own detergent, but if you'd like to, we have detergent available for a small donation that you can make to a Kitty (a jar we have placed in the laundry room marked "Laundry Kitty"). Please toss some change into the Kitty when you use the Kitty detergent. This is for your convienence. We have a shelf in the laundry room on which you can store your own detergent on during the duration of your stay. Please put your name on your detergent so no one else uses it.

What other things does The Longo Condo provide?
Things which are free:
- Cheap toiletries and coffee we collect from hotels (feel free to throw yours in the mix)
- Eating and cooking utensils and all basic kitchen appliances
- Bar-B-Que use. (We pay for the propane, so please don't leave it on when you're done)
- Toilet paper and paper towels
- Wireless Internet, an in-house desktop computer connected to the internet and a printer/scanner/fax/copier
- Printer ink and paper for our printer/scanner/copier machine
- Sheets, pillows, comforters, and bath towels
- Water, gas, electricity, and trash pickup
- A library of books and magazines to borrow
- Exercise equipment. We have a treadmill and a really expensive set of bowflex weights so you can stay in shape!
- A house of peace. We want to bless you. Not in a funky new age way, but in a capital 'G' God way.

What can we do in our free time?
- We are less than a 5 minute walk from a public golf course
- Shopping at CampCreek Marketplace. This place has ALL the major stores, restaraunts, banks, and grocery stores you could ever want.
- Satellite HD TV (there are three TVs in the pad)
- Use the computer/Internet
- Exercise
- Bar-B-Que/Cook us all something to eat.
- Hang out with friends and talk about airplanes or how much you don't like your company but you have no where else to go so you're stuck now...

What does The Longo Condo expect of each guest?
Please see the rules and what's listed below...
Courtesy: In all seriousness, courtesy is expected and required. We're not trite people and we expect you to be grown-ups too. Clean up your mess. Be nice to people. Don't be 'that person' that everyone abhors. Whining and complaining about every little thing to us or others is not expected. Try and work it out.

Shut it up. We all have different flying and sleeping schedules. Please be cognizant of those who are sleeping and keep the noise down. Even though you may not have to work the next morning or even that night, someone else may, especially our neighbors. Put your head phones on, and take that alcohol laden conversation down a notch.

Be cool to our house. Don't slam the doors; don't bang up our walls with your luggage. We love you, but this place is nice and we want to keep it that way, whether you're around for the long haul or not. Yes, somebody has to fix that gouge you just made when your carry on slammed into our woodwork.

Lock up. It's just common sense. When you leave the house, make sure the door you leave through is locked. Duh. You wouldn't leave your wallet laying open somewhere in the terminal would you? Treat our house the same way. I mean, how hard is it to turn a little thingy on the door handle to make sure it's locked? Our neighborhood is nice, but we all still have to use common sense.

No reason to leave the water running or the lights on the whole day. Just be conscientious when you are the last one to leave the house: Turn down the thermostats and turn off the lights. If you are staying in the downstairs bedroom and are the last one to leave the room, please also turn down that thermostat.

The HPP (Hanky Panky Policy): #1, nobody wants that happening when they're the third wheel in the room and feeling mighty left out, so just don't even start. Get a hotel for the night.

A deposit and a notice. It's entirely likely that someone -we're not saying you- will skip out without paying their last month of rent. So we -like any other renting relationship in America- take $200 as a deposit. Give us 30 days notice, pay the prorated amount you're supposed to pay, leave the house looking nice, and we'll give you the deposit back. Don't and we won't. BTW, if you give us a deposit to hold your move-in position and then you don't move in, your deposit will be non-refundable.

Rent. Pay it -either to us in check or cash, or online with a credit card via PayPal at Thanks in advance.