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  • I am arriving late after midnight; which date should I book?
    If you arrive in the early AM (after midnight), book the night prior. Ex: Arriving Monday morning at 2AM: Book Sunday-Monday.
  • Who can stay at The Fort?
    The Fort is for COMMUTING AIRLINE EMPLOYEES ONLY. One may stay at the fort if he/she (1) Has a permanent home elsewhere, (2) Is a current airline employee and (3) works/is based in ATL
  • Is there a deposit?
    No deposit. However, if you are a monthly guest and would like to be sure to keep your monthly bed into the next month, you must book it NO LATER THAN the 1st of the prior month. (Ex: February must be booked no later than January 1).
  • What time is checkout?
    Guests may be present on the Premises during daylight hours on any day that touches a reservation. (ex: Reservation Monday night allows guest to be at the Premises sunrise Monday morning to sunset Tuesday evening). Bed "check-in/out" time is NOON to NOON. This means a guest may only use his/her bed from NOON to NOON. Exceptions: (1) Beds may be used if unoccupied at the time of arrival. (2) If guest arrives after midnight, he/she may use their bed for sleeping only until 3pm if a note is left outside the bed explaining the late departure.
  • How do I obtain the password for booking?
    This is explained on the homepage. Please send proof you are a commuting airline employee to crashpadID@gmailDOTcom. Acceptable proof is: (1) Airline ID or schedule with name on it AND (2) Drivers license or bill with current permanent address.
  • How do I get to the Fort?
    Please refer to the "Location" tab in the top hamburger... The fort has no affiliation with the hotel shuttles, but those without cars utilize the hotel shuttles and tip the driver $2-3. BE SURE TO TIP YOUR DRIVER! Uber/Lyft/Taxi takes 5 minutes to/from ATL. the cost varies from $10-40.
  • Can I receive mail?
    There is no mailbox at The Fort, so regular mail is not possible. However, you may receive a reasonable quantity of packages if necessary.
  • Can I park at The Fort?
    Yes, but please note: Parking space is limited; please plan accordingly. By city ordinance, parking is only permitted on the driveway. Anyone not adhering to the city ordinance, upon parking, is agreeing to pay any fine that could be assessed by the City of East Point, up to $1000 (one thousand dollars). Parking ONLY during one's physical stay is permitted. Please park on right (house) side of driveway, allowing others to pass. Parking directly in front of the garage is reserved for monthly guests with manager's permission.
  • Can I cancel a reservation?
    Yes, you may cancel your bed, but a credit is not always given. Refunds in the form of a credit will be issued if the room was never booked full for the night of the reservation. If the room was booked full at any time, a credit will be issued if the bed is rebooked by another guest on that night. To cancel, you must contact the Manager with the date and bed number you would like to cancel. She must be available to cancel the bed (she is not always available). To use a credit, contact the Manager and let her know what bed and night you would like to use your credit. Credits must be used within 30 days. Credits may not be "recycled." (ex: a bed booked with a credit may not be rebooked again with a credit).
  • How do I access the Fort?
    Every guest has his/her own access code for front & back door entry. After the first reservation, please text the manager with a 4-digit code of your choice.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    With the exception of the sickness policy, no refunds shall be given for unused reservations. However, a credit equivalent to the reservation canceled may be issued, provided (1) one with a reservation informs manager he/she will not be using Bed # on Date #, (2) manager is able to cancel bed and (3a) room of reservation has not been full at any time prior to cancellation or (3b) bed (monthly) or entire room (nightly) is filled by a new guest. Credits given for canceled reservations must be used within thirty (30) days of cancellation. Cancellations of a reservation made with a credit may not be "recycled" (issued a secondary credit). To use a credit from a cancellation, text the manager with the Date and Bed you would like to book.
  • Tell me all about sheets and towels...
    You are responsible for managing your own sheets and towels. Beds: Each bed has a comforter/duvet and pillow(s). You may either borrow used or purchase new sheets and towels during checkout or bring your own. Monthly "cold bed" guests may leave sheets on their bed for the duration of the month in which they are staying. Nightly "hot bed" guests must put their sheets on/off their bed each stay. Sheets may be left in-between stays in a satchel or cubby. Towels may be hung in Bathroom #1 or in the private room's credenza. PLEASE LABEL ALL SHEETS/TOWELS WITH TAGS AND COLOR DOTS. Color dots change monthly. Tags with color dots greater than 3 months old will be removed. Please pay the sheet/towel wash fee each time they are left for washing and clean them yourself or pay the fee upon your last stay. Please note some beds are Twin XL size.
  • What about food?
    You may order Door Dash to be delivered to the Fort. Additionally, there are several restaurants within walking distance. The Sonesta next door has an excellent restaurant and a small snack shop. Monthly guests may store and leave food in-between stays. Nightly guests may use the fridge during their stay, but may not leave food in-between stays. We simply do not have the space. Please label all food with your name. Any food not labeled with a name or food labeled "FORT" may be consumed by anyone. Any expired food will be discarded.
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